Workshop on Justice in Finance for Climate Change Adaptation and Loss and Damage

organised by adjust, Climate Analytics and IRI THESys
at Humboldt-University of Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin

Registration is free. Please contact Carolin Heiler (cheiler[at] by February 15th, indicating your interest in participation and specifying whether you plan to attend in person or virtually.

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Welcome & Introduction
9:30-9:45 CET

Session 1: Distributive Justice in Finance for Adaptation and Loss and Damage Activities
9:45-11:00 CET

Katherine Browne, Zoha Shawoo, Ainka Granderson, Margaret Angula (Stockholm Environment Institute; Caribbean Natural Resources Institute; Namibia University)
Distributive equity in decentralized Adaptation finance

Simon Kräuchi, Ivo Wallimann-Helmer (Fribourg University)
Taking limits of societies seriously: Distinguishing entitlements for Adaptation and Loss and Damage action fairly

Alexander Schulan (Kiel University)
Using democracy as a criterion for the distribution of Adaptation finance?


Session 2: Climate Justice, Finance and Power Struggles
11:30-12:45 CET

Eric Brown (Budapest University)
De-risking, vulnerability, and exploitation in climate and development finance

Kelly Dorkenoo (Lund University)
From loss to transformation? Towards pluralistic and politicised agrarian climate futures: Perspectives from Cambodia and Vietnam

Héctor Herrera (Antwerp University)
Climate injustice as racial Injustice in green bonds: The case of Municipal green bonds of water infrastructure in Cape Town, South Africa, and San Francisco, California (US)


14:00-14:20 CET

Fabio Cresto, Lauren Ashmore (SEEK Development)
Climate finance commitment tracker

Panel Discussion
“We´ve come a long way – Looking back at the history of adaptation and L&D finance and learning from the past”
14:30 – 15:45 PM CET

Mizan Khan (International Centre for Climate Change and Development), Richard Klein (Stockholm Environment Institute), Lisa Schipper (Bonn University), Adelle Thomas (University of the Bahamas, Climate Analytics)


Session 3: Procedural Justice in Finance for Adaptation and Loss and Damage Activities
16:15-18:00 CET

Dumisani Chirambo, Gamuchirai Mutezo (Seeds of Opportunity)
To be or not to be: Access to climate finance lessons from Malawi/LDCs that can improve climate justice and Loss and Damage finance policy design

Ainka Granderson, Katherine Browne, Zoha Shawoo, Margaret Angula (Stockholm Environment Institute; Caribbean Natural Resources Institute; Namibia University)
Procedural equity in decentralized Adaptation finance in the Caribbean and Namibia

Marie Guimezanes (Brest University)
Inclusive ownership and multilateral Adaptation finance: Taking local communities needs into account

Clara Ida Bartram Gurresø (Kiel University)
Explaining delays in the Green Climate Fund

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Session 4: Considerations for Designing the
Loss & Damage Fund
09:00-10:45 CET

Sherri Ombuya (Perspectives Climate)
Loss and Damage finance: An assessment of the most promising instruments

Zoha Shawoo (Stockholm Environment Institute)
Operationalizing the Loss and Damage Fund: Learning from the perspectives of funders and potential recipients

Josep Recasens (Pompeu Fabra University)
Climate insurances as compensation mechanisms for Loss and Damage

Lea Rahman (Augsburg University)
Attribution science – the key to a fair and effective Loss and Damage Fund


Session 5: Considering Non-Economic Values
11:15-12:30 CET

Douwe van Schie (Bonn University)
A financial side to addressing non-economic Loss and Damage: learning from autonomous responses in Bangladesh

Pierre Andre (Louvain University)
Ex ante compensation for cultural Loss and Damage

Nils Wendler (Kiel University)
Efficiency beyond economic considerations


Session 6: Policy Instruments for Climate Justice
13:45-15:30 CET

Richard Endörfer (Gothenborg University)
The blended finance approach to Adaptation: A win-win?

Laurène Seca (Agence Française de Développement)
Finance for Loss and Damage as a distributive share: The merits of risk pooling

Martin Noltze (German Institute for Development Evaluation)
Climate policy: Pathways to more effective Adaptation and Loss and Damage action

Nicolás Aguila, Paula Haufe, Joscha Wullweber (Witten University)
Greening the international monetary system: Towards a Green World Central Bank to finance sustainable and just transformation


Final Session
15:45-16:30 CET

Discussion of common themes, wrap up & farewell