Eine Mangrove kämpft gegen den Meeresspiegelanstieg.

Sea level rise in Seychelles: Coastal Impact and Vulnerability Analysis

Work Package 3 pays particular attention to the criterion of vulnerability to climate change, which plays a major role in the debate on adaptation to climate change in general and adaptation finance in particular. An important component of Work Package 3 is a case study in Seychelles, which examines vulnerability to sea-level rise. The purpose is to Investigate whether a regional, sector-specific operationalization of vulnerability avoids or reduces some of the pitfalls of global, general vulnerability indices and thus provides a more robust basis for allocating adaptation finance. The DIVA (Dynamic Interactive Vulnerability Assessment) modelling framework is used to analyse vulnerability to sea-level rise, identify so called vulnerability hotspots in and develop adaptation pathways for Seychelles. The analysis is led by Athanasios Vafeidis and conducted in close collaboration with the Seychelles Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, as well as the NGO Sustainability for Seychelles and the James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute of the University of Seychelles.

Storm surge on Seychelles taken by Noah Martin