United Nations Climate Change Conference, Bonn Germany

Distribution of adaptation finance in the Global South: investigation of current procedures and criteria

Work Package 1 explores the current distribution of adaptation finance and the implicit and explicit criteria that guide it. The research adopts a multiscalar approach as it addresses the topic at both the global and subnational levels. This builds on the notion that in order to achieve climate justice, adaptation funding must be distributed fairly both among and within the countries of the Global South. More specifically, Work Package 1 analyses the distribution of adaptation finance through multilateral funds and German bilateral aid to recipient countries. Secondly, using the Seychelles and Comoros as case studies, it explores how the allocated funding is distributed within those countries. The research takes a qualitative approach through interviews with key actors and stakeholders in the process. In doing so, it aims to shed light on how funding allocation decisions are made, who makes them, and what factors influence them. Work Package 1 is carried out by Clara Gurresø in close cooperation with Carola Klöck and the German Institute for Development Evaluation.